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Alleviating Dental Anxiety

Don’t let your fear of dental procedures keep you from seeking treatment! Beaufort Family Dentistry now offers anxiety-free dentistry to help alleviate our patients’ anxieties about dental procedures. Here’s what it can mean for you:

  • You’ll feel practically no discomfort
  • You’ll have little (or no) memory of the procedure the next day
  • Fewer anesthetics will be necessary
beautiful woman enjoying the sun

How It Works

  • Just prior to your dental procedure, you’ll is given medication – in pill form, allowing the patient to be in a relaxed state while gently diminishing anxiety.
  • Anxiety-free dentistry can be used in conjunction with: Implants, cosmetic and general dentistry, traditional gum surgery, and LANAP® – the latest in laser therapy for the treatment of gum disease. If you’re one of the millions who for years have avoided the dentist, you’ll be able to get the treatment you need!

Creating Healthy, Beautiful Smiles in the Lowcountry